Tactual Labs Co. is an innovator in human-to-computer sensing and processing technology. Tactual’s veteran team is leading development of the most responsive and capable user interface technologies. Its next generation sensors and computer architectures enable fundamentally new user experiences, where touchscreens, styli, and smart objects know more about each input, and are able to process it at a level of speed and parallelism that bridge the gap between physical and digital interaction.

The Prism™ family of frequency division capacitive controllers simultaneously sense touch, stylus, grip, proximity, and in-air gestures. For the first time, a capacitive controller combines sub-millisecond latency, kHz sampling, and full-surface parallel sensing powered by a spectrum of unique signal frequencies. From slashing latency to new gestures to noise immunity to discriminating between hands, users, and objects, Prism™ will enable new user experiences compatible with industry standards.

Reflex™ is an SDK family that makes natural-user interfaces more immediate and realistic. Reflex™ software helps equate the immediacy and clarity of digital and physical interaction by attacking input-to-response latency and enabling users to bring a 3D model of their hands into the digital world. Reflex Touch™, Ink™, and Mirror™ SDKs are standalone software products that enhance any high performance sensor, but were engineered to work best with Tactual’s Prism™ solution.

When working together as a unified input system, Tactual’s Prism™ sensing hardware and Reflex™ software will bring about an impending revolution in touch sensing that will endow smart objects and touchscreens with a digital skin that provides a super-human understanding of who and what is in contact or near-contact with that object across its 3D surface, and how that contact or near-contact changes in real time with no perceivable lag. Objects endowed with a digital skin understand how they are being held, and thus how they are being used. This will enable electronic interfaces and objects to understand touch on a human-level and deliver interactions with physical immediacy, clarity, and precision. This leap in user experience required holistic innovation across the entire touch stack from sensor patterns to touch-controller silicon to sensing / processing algorithms to OS architecture. While Prism™ and Reflex™ were designed as a single, vertically-integrated system, they can be adopted as stand-alone solutions that provide additive, complementary enhancements to today’s natural-user interface user experience.